Summers Promise, The Shee

    Summers Promise – The Shee on Tour

    Summer's Promise

    On April 27th 2022, The Shee will be starting our UK Summers Promise tour! We’re so excited to be on tour again after so long! It’s hard to believe the last time we were on tour was in Berlin, October 2019. And even longer ago was our last UK tour, April 2019. 

    Summers Promise, Laura-Beth and Baby

    We’re pleased to announce that Laura Beth is currently busy with a brand new baby girl, and just a little bit sad that the won’t be joining The Shee on tour this time. 

    Signy Jakobsdottir, Summers Promise

    Don’t be too disappointed though, we’ve got treats up our sleeve. Not to mention our relatively new percussionist, Signy Jakobsdottir is of course on tour with The Shee now!

    You can of course, view all our UK tour dates and follow links for tickets etc. 

    • 27th April – Milton Keynes
    • 28th April – Newbury
    • 29th April – Otley
    • 30th April – Todmorden Festival
    • 1st May – Shrewsbury
    • 2nd May – National Forest
    • 3rd May – Crawley
    • 5th May – Glasgow
    • 6th May – Aberdeen
    • 7th May – Gateshead
    • 8th May – Longformacus
    • 9th May – Edinburgh

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