Here, in The Shee, we like to ensure our music is as varied and original as possible. The key to that is to keep integrating all of our individual musical influences into every new piece we produce. We’ve created The Shee | Origin Of Our World playlist.

    We’d each like to share with you, two tracks of our choice which you can listen to on Spotify. Click the link here or on the tracks below. Read on for a few words on how each of us came to choose these tracks, including our top pick from our latest compliation ‘The First Fifteen’.


    I’ve chosen one of my first influences, and now my pal, Kathryn Tickell. This CD was on repeat when I was first learning to play folk and trad. This track in particular captivated me straight away. The slow groove, the snappy rhythm, the mode, the constant modulations and the wonderful playing.

    Then, moving onto an artist I only saw live for the first time in 2021, Anna Meredith. This track, like Anna is a force to be reckoned with. It’s shouty, loud, full on, relentless and constantly keeps you on your toes. I love it!

    Finally, my top choice if I had to pick just one track from the 2022 compilation ‘The First Fifteen’, it has to be ‘From The Shadows‘. The sentiment still resonates now, if not more than it did in 2016 (if you can believe it) plus LB’s voice is kick-ass!


    I started to get drawn in by exciting arrangements in instrumental music after listening to Bela Fleck’s earlier albums as a child, and that has continued ti be something that influences my listening and writing. A great example is the wonderful music of Tsuumi Soundsytem who I  first discovered when touring as a dep with Finnish fiddle band, Frigg (another one of my favourite instrumental bands). Tsuumi Soundsystem are a Finnish supergroup playing what they call ‘Urban Ethno Music.’ There is so much to listen to ; beautiful musicianship, great melodies, lush harmony,  exciting use of counter melodies and cross rhythm, incredible dynamic builds and just such an amazing energy. I remember Amy and I getting caught doing Tsuumi Soundsystem karaoke at a folkie house party once, and instead of being embarrassed we turned it up!

    The album Real Time encapsulates the other side of music I love – raw, live, unpolished. Tim O’Brien has one of my favourite voices to listen to, and has written some beautiful songs. There are too many to mention, but I have picked this album as I love the interplay between the two musicians, the way they intertwine their vocal harmonies and let their instrumental parts dance about each other. As a singer I aspire to only sing something if I really mean it and these two really demon’s that. I first heard the album on loan from ‘the transporter room’ at Newcastle University and it has remained one of my most played to this day. Infact…I really should give it back. Sorry Alistair Anderson as I believe you loaned it!

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