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    We are very excited to announce that The Shee have a new album coming out in 2022! We have compiled some of our favourite tracks from our previous 4 albums for this new one titled ‘The First Fifteen’.

    The new album will be out for our upcoming Summers Promise tour starting in Milton Keynes on 27th April 2022. You can look forward to reading some heart felt words from the band members. We share memories from past shows and our thoughts on making music together for the last 15 years. Including a few words from our retired fiddle player Shona Mooney and a few from our new drummer Signy Jakobsdottir. We are so excited to be sharing this new album with you and to share our appreciation of all our work so far. After this we’ll be moving on to our next album of brand new material. Keep looking here for more news to come!

    As always, our very own Lillias Kinsman-Chauvet has been in charge of doing some fabulous artwork for it. 

    Here she is to tell you all about it…

    A behind the scenes (in the studio) look at the artwork for  The Shee’s new compilation album ‘The First 15’

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective and this was the case with the artwork for ‘The First Fifteen’. I was watching my youngest child painting circles with sponge paint sticks and I thought that’s it: fifteen suns for fifteen years. Fifteen splendid years around the sun. I first printed the suns in black, which I scanned into the computer and experimented with colour combinations in ‘Adobe Photoshop’. I settled on lemon yellow suns on a muted dark purple background. Not satisfied with the aesthetic I decided to paint it all again by hand. I mixed up acrylic gouache paint ‘jet black’ with a touch of ‘coral pink’ to make a muted dark purple background and used ‘mustard yellow’ for the suns.

    There was a tight turn-around for this compilation album so after deciding on the track listing and each band member submitting their perspective on the past fifteen years, I brought the elements together in ‘Adobe Indesign’. After printing off a rough dummy and a few back and forths between the band members the artwork was sent off to the printers just in time for our Summer’s Promise tour at the end of April/May. 

    Look forward to seeing some of you there!

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