Eastwood Park Theatre

The Shee are an exceptional band boasting powerful and emotional vocal performances and instrumental prowess. Featuring the talents of BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year 2017, Rachel Newton on Harp, Sting’s clogger of choice, Amy Thatcher, on Accordion.

Scottish-Icelandic percussionist, Signy Jakobsdottir, is now a permanent member of The Shee. Nominated for musician of the year at the 2019 Scots Trad Music Awards, Jakobsdottir joined the band for a number of handpicked shows in recent years, designed to augment and experiment with the band’s sound, taking old favourites to new aural places and to make possible a whole new avenue of arrangement and songwriting. The experiment worked, with Signy signing on the dotted line and taking up a permanent slot in the line-up from 2022 onwards.

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